6x9 Wood Plaque Icon

St Benedict Joseph Labre

  • Text on back of Icon: Saint Benedict Joseph Labre Saint Benedict Joseph Labre was called "the Beggar of Rome;" a pilgrim recluse. He was born in France in 1748, the eldest of eighteen children. Studying under his uncle, a priest, Benedict tried to join the Trappists, Carthusians, and Cistercians, but he was refused by these orders. In 1770, Benedict Joseph made a pilgrimage to the major shrines of Europe and settled in Rome, in 1774. In Rome, he lived near the Colosseum and earned fame for his sanctity. Benedict was devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and attended the Forty Hours devotion in the city. He died in Rome on April 16, 1783. Feastday: April 16th Patron Saint of those who are rejected, mentally ill people, beggars, hobos, the homeless, and bachelors. Prayer: Saint Benedict Joseph, please lead us, poor pilgrims on this earth, to the gates of heaven. Teach us in your humility, to seek only those things that will lead us to Jesus and His Everlasting Kingdom. Oh beggar of Rome, beg for Divine Mercy to be showered upon us. Teach us your love for the Lord, especially in the Blessed Sacrament. Amen.