NEW!!! Icon Boards MADE TO ORDER

Icon Boards of Basswood also called American Linden, a beautiful light and clear wood traditionally used for Icon Boards. T Larger Boards have Oak braces.

The board is coated in five sealing coats of rabbit skin glue and then covered in a linen cloth with a primer coat of rabbit skin glue, chalk and marble dust.

After it dries there are 12 layers of gesso applied in thin coats with a pallet knife to press out any bubbles that can form if applied with a brush. The board is then wet/dry sanded to a smooth finish with 600 grit sandpaper.

The gesso recipe used is that of the Prosopon School of Iconology. (

16x21 Icon Boards with oak braces

  • A: Width: 16 inches B: Height: 21 inches C: Thickness: 1 inch D: Recess Width: 14 inches E: Recess Height: 18.5 inches F: Top Margin: 1-1/4 inch G: Side Margin: 1 inch