Icon Making:   click picture to enlarge


    Icon Making besides being a work of art is a prayer,  a prayer for all those who will behold the icon, and for the world.  The materials used are all symbolic as well as beautiful, but they have also stood the test of time.  Some of the oldest works of art in existence are those done in the traditional icon method.  Unlike other paintings done on canvas the icon is painted on a riged surface which preserves the painting and reduces the danger of it cracking or being damaged.

    Yet there is also a spiritual meaning as well as function of all the materials. The gesso is often seen as representing the Holy Spirit, it is the smooth white background that gives the icon its luminosity, and radiance.  The paints are made from the yolk of the egg, a symbol and source of life.  The colors are natural pigments of the earth which give materiality to the essence of the icon itself.  All of these spiritual symbols are part of the icon but without their functionality they would lose their use. If an Icon loses its religious value it merely becomes a work of art rather than a window to the eternal. 

    I hope and pray that my small contribution will bring some beauty to the homes and churches of the faithful.   



                                                                    In Christ, Nic