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Nic Icon Boards made with Traditional Russian Prosopon Iconology Recipe


Material:  Basswood

Finish: Gesso

Recessed: Kovcheg

Braces: Oak

These boards are expressly made for Icon painting. Icons are usually painted on solid wood, traditionally Linden or Basswood known also as American Linden. Solid oak braces are inserted in dovetailed channels cut across the wood grain onto the back of each panel (recommended for larger boards), to minimize board deformation and warping.  Boards are constructed with a recessed area, called a kovcheg (Russian for ark), on the front surface of the Icon Board. The kovcheg helps to reduce warping and spatially defines the Icon's surface. Icon Boards are made from hand-selected, clear, kiln-dried stock traditionally cut and relieved. These are boards for serious icon painters. The boards are made according to an age old process that guarantees the right form and traditional style of icon painting. The boards are ready for painting. Each board is finished by hand according to traditional methods of preparing chalk and marble dust grounds (called gesso) for the permanent application of paint. The panel is saturated with five coats of hot rabbit skin glue, which penetrates into the fibers of the wood. A piece of linen cloth cut slightly larger than the panel itself is saturated with a hot glue priming mixture, rabbit skin glue with a small amount of chalk and marble dust, this is applied to the panel and allowed to dry. After drying overnight, the panel is ready for the application of the coats of gesso, a white, plaster-like preparation made of chalk from Champagne, marble dust from Italy and rabbit skin glue. The gesso, when gently heated has the consistency of heavy cream, and when applied in thin layers, dries to a hard, permanent surface. The first few coats are applied and massaged into the linen by hand. Thin coats of gesso follow, one after another, until a total of 10  to 12 thin coats of gesso are applied, making an extremely durable and smooth surface. The finished board is allowed to dry and then wet and dry sanded to a final finish. If you need custom dimensions or shapes, we can provide you with a quote simply by inquiring and emailing me in the contact section.  Brace slots pictured in the schematic below apply only to boards with braces. 





















1 1/2"


1 1/4" 

brace w/

2 degree angle
















  Board Dimensions


   A: Width

   B: Height 

   C: Thickness 

   D: Recess Width

   E: Recess  Height

   F: Top Margin  

   G: Side Margin  



   These dimensions are used in describing the the product details, the dimensions given in their title are the A and B overall width by height and D and E the painting inner surface width by height, E and F.