Making of Icon Boards in Prayer

Making Icon Boards
Gessoing Icon Boards
planed and joined boards
shop planer
left to dry for 24 hours
face routered for kovcheg
sanded and cleaned
braces planed
channels routered
Angled dovetailed oak braces
braces put in with bees wax
braces trimmed
Natural glue soaked and heated
four coats of glue
glue applied to seal board
boards absorb all the glue
Linen cut large
Priming mixture for Linen
Priming mixture soaked into linen
corners of linen cut
any air bubbles pushed out
Board primed with linen
left to dry for 24 hours
Linen edges trimmed
any knots sanded down
first coat of gesso with fingers
Next 11 coats with spatula
first coats of gesso
Twelve coats done and drying
Icon Board 21x28 inches
Icon Boards 9.5x12.5 inches